Interesting Facts About SMS Bomber

How To Allocate It By Using Application?

Well, as mentioned earlier, there are two types of method to use this SMS Bomber . The second one is using it with the support of the applications. There are lot more interesting features installed in the application, which you can access from the website. Follow the instruction in order to understand the procedure appropriately.

Open any browser and search for the SMS Bomber.
Now, you will see the official website of the SMS Bomber.
Afterward, all you need to do is scroll down and click on the Get An APP option.
It will guide to the other site, which you can download the applications without facing any sorts of complications.
Download it and have fun by sending those SMS. Also, use this app as a prank rather than revenge.

What Else You Need to Know?

To make the app interesting, the developers of the SMS bomber added tons of exciting features. You can only access them with the installing the SMS Bomber app. If you are using it from the main website, then it will not show you the elements. So, in order to enjoy it in the perfect manner, grab the opportunity and get entertained in the leisure time.  What are the other features? Well, scroll down and gather information about more interesting elements of the SMS Bomber with ease.

SMS Bomber:  Firstly, when you open the application, you will see the same format of SMS pranks as available on the official website.  However, there are some extra things users will also notice i.e. Choose a country option, contact list, number of SMS and lastly source of SMS. 

•    Select The Country- In this feature, you can easily send the messages to the UK country code number easily.  Basically, this app is made for the +91 number users, so put the number in the perfect manner.

•    Contact List- Tap on the contact list and you will see a popup message, in which you have to click on allow.  Afterward, it will take you to your contact list, where users can choose their mate number to commence the prank.

SMS Call:  What. Can we start the prank call? Yes, that’s right. Now you can commence the prank call by putting the number in it.

Final Words

On the whole, SMS Bomber is a very exciting and innovative application. So, if you have any question regarding it, then just scroll up and read the above-mentioned information to understand it appropriately.
Used at
What is SMS Bomber? Cellular phone utilize a short message service i.e. SMS to send the text message. Generally, the mobile phones users send one at a time. However, the SMS bomber is a software program, which duplicates tons of messages and sends them all to a mate as a joke.  Sounds cool right? If you are also looking something interesting like this, then potential people can easily attain the tool online.  Don’t miss the awesome chance and install the SMS prank app now.

Software Option

The cellular companies don’t offer an SMS bomber in the normal texting elements.  You can find the free SMS bomber software online. However, the developers of the magnificent app designed in such a way, which makes it unique to use as a joke.  How To Use Sms Bomber?  Well, you can easily use the SMS Bomber. There are two types of i.e. through the official website and another one is SMS bomber application.

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How to operate from a website?

The method to use the tremendous thing is very difficult. All you need to do is just follow the given below instruction and get entertained in the spare time. 
First of all, open any internet browser and search SMS Bomber.

Then it will take you to the main website of this prank, where you will see a blank.
Most importantly, it is only applicable to the +91 numbers. So, if you try to joke around by putting any other country phone number, then it’s a waste of time nothing else.
Enter the mobile number and tap on the start button.
In every 3 seconds, the victim will receive an enormous amount of messages, which makes them irritated sometimes. 
Use it and enjoy!